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Rug Size Guide


We've created a useful size and measuring guide to ensure you order the correct sized rug.  Our illustrations are a handy tool to show how some of our popular sizes may look different in spaces 


If you are looking for a rug for an oddly shaped room, or you are after a size that we do not have listed, please let us know - we create rugs in all shapes and sizes 




SMALL RUGS 92x153CM (3x5FT)

SMALL RUGS 122x183CM (4x6FT)

MEDIUM RUGS 153x214CM (5x7FT)

MEDIUM RUGS 183x275CM (6x9FT)

MEDIUM RUGS 244x305CM (8x10FT)

LARGE RUGS 275x366CM (9x12FT)

LARGE RUGS 305x427CM (10x14FT)

LARGE RUGS 366x458CM (12x15FT)