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Rug Care & Orders


Our rugs are a mixture of new, semi-antique and vintage. Our semi-antique and vintage rugs have previously been used in Berber homes in Morocco and therefore may show signs of wear and tear. Common imperfections may include fading, worn areas, small holes repaired or unrepaired, small stains and slight dis-colourations. These imperfections are seen as an attribution of buying an authentic Moroccan rug as they are evidence of it’s past use and history by the remote Berber tribes in Morocco. All our rugs are professionally washed in Morocco prior to dispatch and repairs made where needed. Please ensure all item descriptions are read through fully before purchase as we will detail any significant imperfections in the product descriptions. If you have any queries about any of the items or you would like additional photos, please email us at


We recommend regular vacuuming of the rugs to ensure dirt, dust and loose wool build up is kept to a minimum. Stains should be treated with gentle soap and water initially. No harsh chemicals should be used on the rugs. If soap and water is not effective we would recommend trying a wet vac or using a professional cleaning company.

Moroccan poufs can be washed with soap and water or machine washed on cold delicates.

Sabra silk cushions should be dry cleaned.


We work with co-operatives, rug hunters and weavers in Morocco and so are able to offer pre-sale and sourcing services on many more rugs available which are not online. These will be shipped directly from Morocco.

For pre-sale and sourcing items we will quote you for the item sale price and international shipping by courier will be added on later. Please allow an extra 7 days on shipping time to ensure item can be washed and repaired if necessary before dispatch.


If you are after a new custom rug whatever size, design or colour we are able to have it woven for you in Morocco. Please contact us for more information.