How to Choose the Right Rug Size

Rugs are one of the best ways to refresh a room, with the power to truly transform the space by creating either a neutral base for a piece of artwork or acting as the artwork itself. But when deciding what kind of rug you need for your space, you need to think carefully about the size. Not only should it fit your space comfortably, but it should not look out of place.

Here is our guide to choosing the right rug size for your space.

Rug Sizes

Guidance for All Spaces

Before we take a look at how to size a rug for the different rooms of the house, here are some general rug sizing tips to consider.

Always opt for the bigger rug when trying to decide between two sizes. A rug that is too small for a space can make the room appear disjointed, whereas a rug can seldom be too big. Those few extra inches of size will ensure that the rug really pulls the rest of the room together.

The room size and shape will play a significant role in your decision. It should be proportional to the room, so large rugs for large rooms, smaller rugs for a small room. Also, look at the room’s dimensions and echo it with your choice of rug. A long room will benefit much more from a lengthwise rug.

Finally, visualise the rug in your home before you buy it so you can get a feel for the size. Measure out the dimensions of the rug you are thinking of purchasing and mark it on the floor using masking tape. This is an easy way to check that your chosen rug will fit your room and see whether any furniture needs to be moved to accommodate.

But it’s not just the size of the room that is important, it’s also the room’s purpose and the type of furniture you have. Here are the most common rooms where rugs are placed and some guidance for picking the right size for each.

Living Room

In the living room, the shape of the space and your furniture size and placement will drastically impact what kind of rug you go for. A rug will anchor your seating arrangement, but there are different kinds of layouts to choose from, including:

  • Legs on the rug

Choose a large rug that all your furniture can sit on, sofa, chairs, coffee table etc. This is a great choice for open space or for when your furniture does not touch the walls. The rug will beautifully unify the pieces of your living room into a well-defined seating area. Recommended size: 275x366cm.

  • Half-on, half-off

If you have furniture sitting against the wall, this could be the option for you. Choose a medium-sized rug that allows for just the front legs of each piece of furniture to be on the rug and the back legs off. It’s a great way to help create the illusion of space in enclosed living rooms. Recommended size: 183x275cm.

  • Coffee table on the rug

If your choice is a smaller rug, these work beautifully underneath the coffee table in the centre of a room, inside the interior dimensions of your sitting area. This is a great choice for a compact living room, helping it feel a bit more spacious. Recommended size: 92x153cm.

Dining Room

When choosing a rug for the dining room, you should mimic the shape of your table, whether it is round, square or rectangular. Measure your table and ensure that your chosen rug is larger than the table by at least roughly 80cm. This is to ensure that your diners can sit and stand without getting their chair legs caught on the edge of the rug. Do not forget to account for extended tables if your dining room has one. Recommended size: 305x427cm.


Your bed is the bedroom’s focal point and will also be the base for the rug placement. Think about the size and positioning of your bed and how the rug will define the space. Here are the most common layout placements for rugs in bedrooms:

  • Legs on the rug

In this layout, the entirety of your bed sits on the rug, alongside any other furniture like nightstands, but does not include other furniture that sits against the walls, like a dresser. You should not allow the rug to extend past the main walkways. Recommended size: 305x427cm.

  • Two thirds on the rug

This is a popular option whereby the rug does not quite extend up to the nightstands, but instead sits about a third of the way down the bed and extends outwards. Recommended size: 244x305cm.

  • Twin rugs

For this layout, a matching pair of runners or narrow rugs are used on either side of the bed. This is a flexible choice for beds of all sizes. The rug should extend to be the same length as your bed and should be a bit wider than your nightstand.

We hope this guide will help you choose the right rug for your space. If you need further assistance, please contact us, and we would be more than happy to make suggestions. Head to our rug size guide to see what we recommend. Feel free to browse our range of Moroccan rugs today.

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