5 Reasons Why Your Home Interior Needs a Moroccan Rug

Moroccan rugs are a staple for any interior design enthusiast. Whether you prefer neutral tones or colour these rugs are filled with character and are designed to add warmth and cosiness to any space. Handmade to perfection, they are a truly unique and beautiful addition to any room in the home. 

1. Versatility

These rugs are available in a stunning range of styles, colours and sizes, making them suitable for virtually any space. Consider the classic Beni Ourain Moroccan rug pattern with its minimalist, less busy-looking designs, these rugs are ideal for people with Scandinavian-inspired décor or those rooms with dark woods that require a striking, light-coloured contrast. For monochrome lovers, Beni Ourain rug designs make a rich, elegant staple piece.

Or perhaps you want to give a bright pop of colour with our more contemporary? For homes that want a more modern feel, have vibrant paintings and coloured walls, our Art rug has the perfect trendy chic look to go along with this style thanks to their multicoloured patterns. Give your home a bit of wow factor with an infusion of bright colours. 

Whatever style you have in your home, with each piece being one of a kind, there is always going to be a rug that will blend seamlessly into your surroundings. It will be as though it has belonged there all along. 

2. A Style For Every Home

These rugs have existed since the Palaeolithic period when the indigenous people of Morocco wove them for utility and necessity rather than just decorative reasons. This traditional style of rug-making is as old as anywhere in the world. The rugs grew in popularity in the West and in most recent years have become a welcome addition to modern interior, styling vintage with new.

Despite their age, these rugs are not just ideal for those looking to create a truly stunning traditional look in their home, but also for those wanting to stick to more modern-looking décor. Their versatility of style and colour means that some rugs make the ideal accompaniment to a rustic-style home, whilst others work just as well in a room with the latest interior design trends.

Moroccan rugs can give you the best of both worlds, combining both unique styles and current trends.

3. Vast Range of Options

No two rugs are alike. There are so many beautiful styles and patterns to choose from that you will be spoilt for choice. This versatility means that they can work with all colour palettes and pattern styles in a room, customising a rug that is unique to your living space.  The Beni Ourain rug pattern, for example, with its neutral hues and subtle patterns or geometric prints can be used in virtually any modern-style room to add a touch of rustic style that will not clash with your modern décor.

If you think a Moroccan rug wouldn’t work in your home, then the chances are you just haven’t found the right rug. With endless colour and pattern options available at Cosy Coco, we are sure to have a rug that will match your room.

4. Unique Art Pieces

Aside from providing a comfortable place to rest your feet or to sit, these rugs are nothing short of works of art. The preparation and weaving techniques used to create these beautiful rugs has been passed down from generation to generation and cannot be recreated anywhere else – it’s why the design of each rug so uniquely captures the essence of Moroccan culture. Each one resembles a painting and is a stunning piece of art for the home: more than just a centrepiece.

5. Add a Cosy Touch to Any Room

Aside from looking truly beautiful, these rugs are wonderfully comfortable and made with warmth in mind. Consider a large rug for your bedroom and sink your feet into that exquisite softness each morning.

For any room that is lacking a bit of warmth and seems like it’s missing that all-important cosy touch, a Moroccan rug could be exactly what you’re looking for. When placed as the centrepiece to a living room or used as a runner in an empty hallway, they can add an instant boost in style, giving your home that extra cosy touch it’s been missing. Whatever style your interior design, consider adding that little bit more comfort to the space with the addition of a Moroccan rug.

At Cosy Coco, we have curated a collection of one-of-a-kind, handmade Moroccan rug designs. Whether you need a rug to suit your modern décor or your traditional, authentic style, we are certain to have a rug design to suit every taste, contact us if you have any questions.

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