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Basket Care & Safety


Moses baskets ARE NOT intended for use as carrying devices. ALWAYS ENSURE you remove your baby before moving the moses basket. Your basket SHOULD ALWAYS be placed on a firm and flat surface. DO NOT place it on elevated surfaces when your baby is inside.

USE ONLY the mattress and bedding provided as it is custom made for your basket. DO NOT use the mattress and bedding with any other moses basket or bassinet.  IT IS recommended to place the basket handles in an outward position when your baby is inside.  ENSURE it is not possible for items to fall into the moses basket or onto your baby whilst inside. DO NOT attach toys with strings or cords onto the basket when in use to avoid strangulation.  NEVER USE the moses basket as a means to transport your baby in a motor vehicle.  DO NOT allow pets and/or other children to climb into the moses basket whilst your baby is inside.  AVOID the use of plastic bags inside the basket. KEEP AWAY from all heaters fires/flames, stoves, fireplaces, campfires, open windows, water (standing or running), stairs, window blinds and any and all other hazards which could cause injury.  DO NOT leave infant unattended.

IF USING the moses basket on a daily basis for sleep, you must use the basket with a liner.  We have liners which are custom-made to fit each basket. Only our custom-made liners should be used on these baskets.  The liner should be inserted into the basket and the mattress placed on top of the liner.

Suitable from birth until approximately 3 to 4 months or when your baby can roll over, push up or crawl or whichever is the soonest.

Always follow the NHS and Lullaby Trust guidelines for safe sleeping.

The mattress complies with current British Standards.

Please note, as this is a handmade product, dimensions & colour may vary slightly from those shown in the photographs.


Our baskets are handwoven from elephant grass which is native to the African grasslands. Following the weaving process, the ends of the grass are trimmed. Small pieces of the grass may stick out slightly from each side and around the handles. These can be trimmed with scissors.

Due to shipping your basket may have become misshaped. Not to worry, shaping them is fast and easy. Wet areas of the basket which need re-shaping with warm water. For smaller baskets you may want to place them in a sink or run warm water over the area. For larger moses baskets you may want to use a bathtub. Avoid wetting leather handles and leather label. Once wet place the basket on a flat surface and re-mould using your hands until the basket is correctly shaped. The shaping process should only take a few minutes. If the basket has been purchased as a gift, we recommend removing any tags before you wet the basket. Allow the basket to dry completely before use.

Avoid leaving the basket in direct sunlight for too long as this could fade the basket colours.

If your basket requires cleaning simply wash with water and a damp cloth. Avoid using any cleaning products with chemicals on the baskets.