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About our West African Collection

At Cosy Coco we are fortunate enough to have partnered with some of the most highly skilled artisans in the Upper East Region of Ghana to bring you a beautiful range of handwoven baskets.  The baskets are made by weavers in rural villages who have preserved their traditional skills using the same techniques passed down through generations.  Our founder, Noémie, travels to these communities to meet the artisans and to design the collections.  When purchasing a basket, you are helping to support not only the weavers, but their families and the local communities. 

The baskets are made from elephant grass, also known as Napier Grass.  It grows abundantly in the tropical grasslands of Africa and the name derives from being a favourite food and hiding place of elephants.  No pesticides or fertilisers are used to grow the grass and once picked it is dyed using natural colourants such as plants, minerals and non-toxic fabric dyes to create the vibrant colours you see.  Aluminium or cast iron vats are used to boil the natural grass with the dyes.  Some of the baskets are finished with leather handles for reinforcement which comes from local goats who have lived a free life.

One of our priorities at Cosy Coco is to support the social development of the men and women we work with.  We are passionate about Africa and passionate about making a difference to the lives of these artisans and adhere to Fair Trade standards.  We are fully supportive of the training of basket weavers in the remote areas of Northern Ghana to better the lives of those communities.

handwoven baby moses baskets